About Camila

Camila is a silly, happy, and bluntly honest mother to beautiful identical twin girls born at 28 weeks.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she’s lived in the US since 2001, having resided in Texas, Tennessee, and New York.

Her life completely took off (no pun intended) in 2014 when she worked as a Flight Attendant and met her husband, a then-passenger, on one of her flights. Three years later, they got married and are now navigating this crazy world of multiples together.

Camila is one of the Contributing Authors for the #1 network for parents of multiples, Twiniversity, and for the huge Game of Thrones fan base website, A Blog of Thrones. You can check out Twiniversity’s and A Blog of Thrones’ websites by clicking on the links on the top of the page.

She currently lives in Upstate NY with her husband, Rick, their twin girls, River and Lydia, and their needy dog, Zelda. When she’s not taking care of her amazing kiddos, she’s writing on her personal blog, writing articles for Twiniversity, or obsessing over Game of Thrones. She often writes about struggling with Bipolar I and her experience with it paired with Postpartum Depression, hoping to encourage and comfort other mothers and fathers who are going through a similar situation.